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The Matrix: Revolutions

My first thought on what to say about this creation, would have to be interesting. Continuing on the movie starts as the others by being overwhelmed in the beautiful array and the multitudes of green characters and variables. Then the movie begins.... Ok so thats enough of that, now I want to list a few of my thoughts throughout the movie the first thing I thought as the poor victims within this movie walked around and carried on with their scripts was how fun it would be to hook up my wireless antenna to one of them most likely that I would choose Trinity for she looks quite vulnerable and from her figureral aspect I believe she would create a nice reception. The connectors kind of resembled the old "N" female connectors, as this would connect perfectly if this is the case. Moving along to the end, o not yet I forgot the fight scene yeh there are many within, (:, the one where it is all in slow mo that displays when Agent Smith gets punched in the face the scene is beautiful it even portrays the imprints in Smith's face after the strike, his face appears to be jelly when it is struck. Now ending this review, or whatever you want to call it, I have to say I thorouly enjoyed the movie, I was looking for them to use another hack but I didn't see anything; however I was stuffing my face with nerds that I snuck in dang theatre prices, while watching so I could have missed a scene. Also at the end there is a beautiful portrait I believe many would find pleasing.

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