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I really need to get a job or something, I had fun what can I say "can never go wrong with a couple L.E.Ds.

Microsoft Wireless Blue (Optical Mouse)
Well this wasn't too difficult.
  • I basically took the mouse apart drilled some holes on the top through the silver piece.
  • Next up under the silver palm piece there is a blue solid (body of the mouse) I had to shave a portion (so I could see the L.E.Ds) away with the trusty DREMEL.
  • This part is tedious the best way I can put it is find the Red L.E.D towards the front sure you can see it, then start soldering L.E.Ds from it. I extended a couple wires towards the back part of my mouse and them soldered three green (cheap)L.E.Ds in a parallel pattern so they would line up with the holes I drilled in the Silver palm rest earlier.
  • Also I drilled a single hole in the front and ran two more green L.E.Ds the point was to make them shine out beside the wheel. However when you try to put the case back on this can be a tricky job manuvering the wires around the default circuitry.
  • Kind of neat the way it is set up the L.E.Ds constanly blink which I think is neat.

    Battered and Beaten (Modeling 3-button Mouse)
  • Step one unscrew under the bottom
  • Next solder and L.E.D on whichever wire you would like if you solder on red and black and I did the L.E.D will stay the other wires work when motion occurs.
  • To this mouse I cut out a portion of the back part then I covered it with plastic by super gluing.
  • I also cut out a portion of the bottom a rectangle that allows the blue L.E.D to shine through.
  • Oh yeah I did paint this first two coats of black spray paint then silver and then all I did was sand it portions of the silver off.

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