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Mods: Dell Case Window

Dell Case Window
I am currently still in the process of finishing this mod.

Step one: Get Supplies

What I used: Dremel (with swivel head) Dremel Heavy Duty Cutting Discs ( I have been through like 7 so far in this mod) Dremel Sanding Stone (shaped like cyclinder) Sandpaper Masking Tape Acrylic cutting knife (or exacto) Pliers (needle nose and Regular) Acrylic sheets (found at Home-Depot, etc.) A case Panel to tear in to Safety Goggles (especially needed when cutting the metal) Rubber tubing (to attach the window to the case Sharpie Marker

Cutting the Case:

Step two

-- I first began this mod by drawing out what I wanted my window to look like. I used a simple design really wasnt going for anything to flashy. Maybe next time.

Step Three

-- Grab your Dremel and cut away this is not as easy as it sounds, Also you might want to use masking tape around the edges of your case. This might make the task a little easier.

-- Another tip I didn't use the heavy disc completely while cutting the case, I also used needle nose pliers to tear away a lot of metal.

Step three

-- Take a break grab something to drink by now you should have inhaled enough plastic fumes to choke over. 

Step Four

-- Sand away the rough edges inside your cuts just completed.

Cutting the Window

Step one: -- Grab your acrylic sheets

Step two: -- Do a rough measurement to the case's panel opening you just cut. Mark this with a sharpie.

Step three: -- Grab you knife and gently score the acrylic at first. Next repeat this about five times. After the scoring the acrylic should (maybe with a little force) should break apart. -- Acrylic is not the easiest stuff to work with in the world:

Step four: -- Mask off your desired case window design. -- Pull out the dremel and go to work ( I used the heavy dty discs for this also.

time: 2:54 am

Step five:

I was anxious to continue this mod and didn't want to order the molding on the net I was trying to find things around my town. Well I went to Hobby Lobby and bought the stuff used to mount stain glass in.
Mounting this was no easy task, I ended up using some goop along the opening just to secure it around the acrylic window.

Here are some pics:

Taken apart ready for paint:

El Completo

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