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Mods:HP Pavilion 4550 - Make Over

Blue Infuz10n

I found this at the thrift store. I think I paid somewhere around $4.00. It had a sexxy looking design so I decided to customize it a bit and make it prettier.

Here are the steps I took:

First thing was to find a color, after this the parts were removed:

Next was the priming and painting:

Tip unlike I did *I would advise cutting the case first as you are probably going to scratch it during the cutting process*.

Drawing and Design cutting: - this was a very intesive process (I went through a whole package of heavy duty dremel discs) *I have now purchased a nibbler (: - also there was the step of sanding down the edges after the cutting

El Completo: - this is an acrylic window - I decided to mount the window with silicone

I decided to take it a bit further and I cut out a hole in the bottom and mounted a White L.E.D fan:

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