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How to use an AVI as a texture map

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Highend 3d

Posted by gmask

Posted on 11/30/01 04:07 PM

I've created a Poly TV-Set and my client wants me to put a movie file on the screen of it... I knew that Maya could assign AVI files as textures and then we could turn this into a shader by connection the node to the shader.

When i assign it, the first frame of the movie file is displayed and the others are not... I've tried to enable Hardware Cycling option but you know... didn't work out.

What am i missing here ?


Take a look at your movie node attributes. On it, you'll find a checkbox that says "Use Frame Extension". When you click that, another box below it will become usable. You animate the numbers based on which frames you want to play and when.

For instance, if you want to play movie frames 1-30 starting at frame 50 of your animation, you'd key the frame extension (value=1) at frame 50. Then, go to frame 80 of your animation, change frame extension to 30 and key it. Viola. You have a movie within your animation.

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