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lazy days

I never thought i would start a blog but o well i guess somethings are felt they need to be shared whether anyone reads them or not feels good to get things out anyway. Good reference material anyway.

i am happy i finally finshed the new rig up. been doing lot's of looking on fatwallet thanks to my friend jonathan whom introduced me to it a couple months ago. i was able to round up a decent system purty cheap i thought it would be a fun project. i kept tabs on my spendings just to see how the rebates and price matches compare to retail costs. these will be posted in a couple of days. will post some pics in a few also. lately been really lazy no art just tweaking this new system. been sleeping late too.


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by jonathan:
you may be thanking me now but just wait --- in a couple of years when you refresh the page every few minutes and have piles of gadgets and electronic stuff from the "hot deals" you may wish I'd never mentioned it haha.

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