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Mods: XBOX H@x0r1nG (mech assault style)

Welp I want to thank my friend jonothan for all the help. He mostly rounded up all the files for me and had the patience to stay awake until 7am advising me as I toyed around with this thing:) Another day of sleep missed. That makes two this week :(

What I gained from 10 hours of hacking at this.

Down and Dirty facts of what you need and how (the simplified):

You need these files:
The main package includes SB.DB and everything that you need to load onto your memory card in my case action replay which is not the funnest way but I already had it so might as well use it. Want the other way "google it".

v4.0.exe Craxtion v4.0.exe
If you were like me and updated to the new "Dashboard" you will need this to export the next file on the list.

EVOX Auto installer 2.5

You need only the "C:" folder from this Iso and *WARNING* it will not open without " Craxtion v4.0 ". Well this program makes it easier anyway.

Original Mech Assault (platinum version will not work i dont think)


First thing you need to do after you get the files of course.

Use your action replay to save the mechassault saved game (its in the mkjones file) to your memory card or your hacked pen drive whichever works.

Boot up XB Dashboard (check the settings see if you need the Slayer Backup) You need the Dashboard with a 4 something atleast the 5 will not work. Didn't for me anyway. ex. D:1.5069.0001 it was late i forget exactly. I'm sure you get the drift.

If it is a 5 something load in "Craxtion" and find the Slayer iso and mount then extract the "C" folder.

Ok on to boot make sure mech assault game is in the drive boot up and go into campaigns then load the run linux saved game. Screen switches to text then loads into a configuration app.

Make sure your xbox is on the network and ftp into it password: xbox user: xbox server: Ip to the Xbox

I would recomend installing the SB.db file. It is given in one of the options. This is loaded usually when you have never imported music into your xbox. I had already and still used it.

Now what can be done is to verify everything has been installed in my case it had not. Jonothan also had this problem. What happens is the PBL folder does not get copied to the "E:/" folder.
Your E:/ folder on the Hard drive should be very similar to this:
TDATA (stores the audio hack "ST.db" file)
UDATA (where the main backup is saved)
Dashboards (all the fancy dashboards ou can play with after the install)

too tired to finish maybe later today. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Good Sources

xbox-scene softmods

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